Clipper's nylon tank provides double gas capacity than a low quality lighter.
Nylon plastic is much more resistant, allowing the tank to be thinner.
Resulting in:
- Electronic lighters, double the
  gas capacity of low quality lighter
- Flint lighters, triple the gas capacity
  of low quality lighter
It's a true refillable lighter: gas can be refilled and the flint can be replaced.
It costs 90% less to refill a lighter rather than buying a new one.
100% of production complies to and exceeds ISO9994. Not just on prepared samples.
Clipper lighters only contain top
quality isobutane gas. Isobutane is
much safer.
Isobutane has a lower pressure than
the gas used in low quality lighters:
- Contains propane and N-butane,
which are much more volatile.
- The resulting pressure in the tank
is much higher.
Clipper is made of nylon, a super
resistant material that won't break
or explode like low quality lighters.
Nylon is the highest performing plastic material on lighters: it's flexible, resistant to impacts and high temperatures, non-crackable and self-extinguishable.
The exclusive Clipper pre-set flame
valve avoids burning risks.
The exclusive Clipper pre-set flame valve generates a stable flame of maximum 30mm as opposed to the maximum 120mm allowed on adjustable flame lighters.
All Clipper flint lighters incorporate probably the best and most exclusive Child Resistant system.
Isobutane burns cleaner than low quality lighters which have low quality and smelly butane.
By refilling and not disposing, you save lots of oil and energy.
Not disposing of a lighter means reducing waste and thus contributing to the protection of the environment.
Designed in Barcelona,
Spain, Europe, by
Flamagas S.A. since 1959
Includes a tabacco
pressing tool