*Child as per USA & the European Union legislation: A CR lighter is the one carrying a device that prevents that 85% of children of an age equal or inferior to 52 months ignite it.
An excellent and exclusive system
1. The child* is not able to generate sufficient energy to ignite
    due to the shorter rotation angle of the pentagonal wheel:
The pentagonal side wheels reduce the rotation angle from 110º to 72º: A reduction of 35% of the rotation angle.
The shorter rotation angle produces a much inferior spark than a standard lighter:

• Since it has a shorter run to generate it.
• Since it has much less acceleration:
When activating the wheel, it starts turning slowly and keeps accelerating with the finger impulse, until the run finishes, at a much higher speed than the initial one.
Finishing then the shorter run at a much lower speed.
This slower speed produces as well much lesser energy (spark).

Only when the child succeeds rotating the wheel (most of times he is not able),
the strength he applies to the pentagonal wheel does not produce enough energy to ignite the lighter.
2. Lesser Grip
The second difficulty for the child are the flat and plain sides of the pentagonal
wheel which have less grip and are more slippery for the child's finger.
3. Smaller contact surface
The child's finger has a smaller effective contact surface on the pentagonal
wheels than on the round ones, resulting on an additional resistance to ignite
the lighter.
As a responsible company, our
obligation is to protect children.
Flamagas CR system is
very well perceived by adults.
It is duly patented and registered and
offers an additional differentiation to our
product and to our CLIPPER brand